Identity Package

Design | Identity Package, HTML, CSS & Javascript

Role:  Developer, Analyst & Designer

Team: Self

Project: Over the course of two semesters, I worked on my identity package. In SI 520: Graphic Design, I designed skill-based mini-projects in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, practicing design best practices in color, typography and composition. In Design of Complex Websites, I culminated my design packaged by creating a sample accessible HTML website. 

One | Sketching

For SI 520: Graphic Design, I sketched both web and mobile versions for my personal website.

Two | Wireframes

Next, I created digital wireframes for both web and mobile.

Three | Color & Typography Guidelines

Before starting the final design, I identified my color palette and made my typography palette. As I created any buttons, headings or repeated elements, I added those to my identity guidelines. I created everything in Adobe Illustrator.

Four | Design

The final deliverable for SI 520 was a high fidelity prototype. At this point, my design was still a single long page format.

Five | HTML, CSS & Javascript

I enjoyed working with my identity package, so when tasked with creating a website for SI 539: Design of Complex Websites, I decided to build my prototype using HTML, CSS & Javascript. It was challenging to get elements to lay out on the page. I added an additional level of difficulty by making an accessible site, so all interactive components can be tabbed through. Visit my HTML site by clicking the button below.